We believe it's essential to build honest, God-honoring relationships with other believers. We need a place where we can talk about our relationship with God, where we can know others and be known by them. This is the kind of thing we see happen regularly in Community Groups, and we encourage you to participate in one for your own sake and to help build up the group for the sake of others.  For information about when and where Community Groups meet, fill out the form below and we'll help you connect.

Ways to Connect

  • Youth Ministries

    It is our goal to help middle and high school students love and obey Jesus. We have two main avenues for working toward that goal. The first is our Sunday evening meeting for middle and high school students where we hear a lesson from the Bible, worship together, pray for one another and build relationships. The second takes place throughout the year as we plan special events, trips and service projects all with the goal of raising up the next generation of church leaders and planters.

    Led by: Jeremiah Anderson

  • Children’s Ministries

    We want to help kids love and obey Jesus. We offer nurseries and classes for infants through middle-schoolers during both meetings on Sunday mornings. If this is your first time visiting Christ's Church, ask the greeter at the door about our check-in procedures and they'll point you in the right direction.

    Led by: Karly Choate

  • Community Groups

    Every week, our Community Groups gather in homes to build relationships, pray for one another and dive deeper into the topic from the previous Sunday teaching and discuss ways to apply the teaching to our everyday lives. There's usually food involved, too. Through Community Groups, we're learning how to hear from God, have better relationships, and give an account of ourselves to others. Basically, we're helping each other love and obey Jesus.

    Led by: Jeremiah Anderson

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