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We want to help middle and high school students love and obey Jesus. We have two main avenues for working toward that goal. The first is our Sunday evening meeting for middle and high school students where we hear a lesson from the Bible, worship together, pray for one another, and build relationships. The second takes place throughout the year as we plan special events, trips, and service projects with the goal of raising up the next generation of church leaders. Jeremiah Anderson leads our youth programs, and you can email him by clicking the Contact button below. 



We are in the process of producing our own curriculum for Christ's Kids this year, based (very loosely) on the book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders. Our pre-K through elementary classes will be learning a simple timeline that breaks the Bible down into 13 eras, told through the big-picture lens of 38 Bible stories from creation to Revelation. Our goal would be that each student, after completing this school year, would be able to visualize and recount the entire arc of Bible history and be able to tell the story of what God was doing before time, throughout time, and after time, and where we fit in that. Plus, some other basic Bible knowledge skills.


Asking your kids, "What did you learn today?" is better than nothing, but not nearly as effective as asking them specific questions. We'll be adding several of the resources we're using in our classrooms to this page (you can find the first of those below), so that parents can use them at home, too. Feel free to contact our Director of Children's Ministry, Mary Chambers, at with any questions you have about these resources or our goals for ministry to kids at Christ's Church.


13 Eras Overview (Click here to download a PDF)


Tiny Town (18 months—3 yrs)

Our goal in Tiny Town is to introduce basic biblical truths to toddlers while we help them work on comprehension and playing well with others. Sunday mornings in Tiny Town begin with an extended play time with lots of toys and activities. After that, we have a snack and listen to a short Bible story. Kids and teachers often worship together by singing songs and playing instruments.


Ages 3 - 6 

Kids in our Pre-K/Lower Elementary class are learning the overarching narrative of the Bible through 38 stories, which fit into thirteen eras. Each week, we learn a new story, talk about when and where it happened, and learn the basic facts of that story. We're also memorizing the books of the Bible and learning memory verses through song.


Ages 7 - 11 

Kids in our Upper Elementary class are also learning the overarching narrative of the Bile through 38 stories, which fit into thirteen eras. Each week, we hear a story, talk about when and where it happened, and learn the basic facts of that story. Older elementary students are learning the books of the Bible, Bible geography, and a set of facts about each of the thirteen Bible eras along with building some basic Bible knowledge.