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Giving Together 2016

by: Leadership Team

We believe that Jesus is on a mission to see his kingdom advance. Not only that, but we get to participate: through our personal witness, through our prayers, and through our giving. While it’s possible to engage in any of these activities at any time, as the year closes, we want to focus on participating by giving together.

When we serve and give together, the value increases.  We can give more together than we can individually. And, when we give together, we grow together.  The benefit is multiplied on both ends of the transaction. We are able to give more abundantly, and when we give with one heart, we experience a greater blessing among ourselves. 

This year, we're aiming big. We're praying for $10,000 for each of the three causes below, for a total of $30,000. 

  • Locally:  move into the neighborhood
  • Nationally:  contribute to the Newfrontiers Midwest chruch planting fund
  • Globally:  support churches in Turkey as they train leaders and care for refugees

Giving Locally

As we've prayed about reaching the surrounding neighbrohoods with the Good News, we've made friends with a few residents in the Bykota Trailer Park near our building. To help us build relationships and serve residents there, we'd like to set up a mobile home in the park as a minstry center. Part of our Giving Together offering this year will go toward those expenses.

Giving Nationally

On the national level, we want to support new churches in the early stages of their establishment and growth. Along with other Newfrontiers churches in the Midwest, we're praying and thinking strategically about how and where to plant new churches in our region. We want to set aside part of this year's offering to fund future church plants in the Midwest.

Giving Globally 

We’re also connected to people around the world who are living in crisis. Some of us have been able to visit these places, and not long ago, we made connections with a small church in Turkey that is caring for 300 Iraqi and Iranian refugees. We want to give toward the work they are doing, which includes training leaders and providing basic needs for refugee families.

How to Give

You can participate by writing “Giving Together” on your check or envelope and dropping it into one of the boxes on Sunday.  Or, give anytime online by clicking the button below.  Just be sure to select “Giving Together” as the designation for your contribution. We're collecting donations now through the end of the year.

These are big numbers we’re aiming for, but please don’t be discouraged from contributing small gifts toward them. We’re actually more interested in seeing many people be generous with what they have than seeing a few large donations. Small gifts make a big difference.

“If the readiness is there, it is acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have.” 1 Corinthians 8:12